Jonathon Lau

+86 186-2190-3233

Jonathon has more than 20 years of diverse industries’ HR experience. 

He has previously worked in companies like L’Oreal and LVMH, covering the scope of both China and Asia Pacific. His track record include Merger and Acquisition, Organization Reengineering, developed Full HR framework and other impactful strategic projects. He is well versed in Recruitment, Talent management, Organization development, Performance Management and Senior talent piping and retention. He has worked together with companies like ifchange.com, Career-Mentor and Fruitday.com

Jonathon has worked in both Singapore and China, which has provided him with good understanding of different market and culture. This allow him to be a perfect blend of East and West and he has create his own unique visions and theories that are able to help Organization to achieve better effiency, better results better customer satisfaction. 


他之前曾在欧莱雅(L 'Oreal)和LVMH等公司工作,涉及中国和亚太地区。他的业绩包括并购、组织重组、制定完整的人力资源框架和其他有影响力的战略项目。他精通招聘、人才管理、组织发展、绩效管理、高级人才输送和留住。他曾与ifchange.com、career mentor和Fruitday.com等公司合作