Mike Thompson

+86 135-2460-1309

Non-Executive Chairman

Dr Mike Thompson has served on the board of GLO since its foundation in 2013 bringing entreprenerial management experience and technical advice on the development of GLO’s tools. He was professor of management practice at the China Europe International Business School Shanghai (2009-13) and has taught responsible leadership, entrepreneurship and corporate governance at XJTLU Suzhou, Antai College SJTU and on MOOC programs for UIBE Beijing. He is also adjunct professor at the Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria, Canada. Dr Thompson is a specialist in wise leadership research. and his latest publications (2017) are: How managers understand wisdom in decision-making and Economic Wisdom for Managerial Decision-Making. He is also co-editor of the Macau Ricci Institute Journal. 

Dr Thompson has general management experience with UK companies in retailing, consulting and social enterprises and now serves as CEO of GoodBrand, the international innovation consultancy.


Mike Thompson博士自GLO2013年创立就加入其中,并为GLO工具的发展带来了企业家管理经验及技术建议。他曾经是上海中欧国际商学院的管理实践学教授(2009-2013),并曾在苏州西交利物浦大学,上海交通大学安泰经济与管理学院和对外经贸大学的MOOC项目上教授:领导力,企业家精神和企业治理等内容。他也是古斯塔沃森商学院商学院,加拿大维多利亚大学的客座教授。Thompson博士在智慧领导力搜寻上是一个专家。他最新发布的文章(2017)有:How managers understand wisdom in decision-making 和 Economic Wisdom for Managerial Decision-Making. 他也是澳门利氏学社学报的主编。