Peter Buytaert

+86 186-0212-7999

Peter Buytaert builds on more than twenty five years of Asia executive management, leadership and entrepreneurial experience of which 10 years in China and is co-founder of GLO (Good Leaders Online). GLO is an innovative leadership search and development platform assisting Chinese firms building global teams. GLO also distinguishes itself with a core expertise in assessing responsible leadership..

He is guest lecturer on leading change, managing in a VUCA world, and Asia/China strategy at various MBA programs, among which IBSS (International Business School Suzhou), Pepperdine University and Antwerp Management School.

From 2007 thru 2010 he served as Chairman for three consecutive years of the Benelux Chamber of Commerce (Bencham) of Shanghai (www.bencham.org). 

Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Peter was President Asia for Agfa, as well as Managing Director of various country organizations in the region (Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and South East Asia). He also assisted turnaround of China portfolio companies for a Chicago based private equity fund.

He followed an undergraduate program of Law, prior to graduating with a Master in Commercial Engineering (“Handelsingenieur”) at EHSAL Brussels (affiliated with Catholic University of Leuven) and followed the INSEAD Advanced Management Program, as well as Strategic Business Economics Program at the University of Asia and the Pacific in Manila.

Peter brings a unique cross-cultural leadership expertise to his clients with a thorough understanding of various company cultures, vast experience in change leadership and deep knowledge of Asian markets.

His clients span multiple industries, including IBM, Sanofi, Mars, GE, Honeywell, etc.

Peter Buytaert 在亚洲任职高管超过25年,其中有10年在中国工作,并创立了格联沃(上海)企业管理咨询有限公司(以下简称格联沃),拥有丰富的企业领导和企业管理的经验。格联沃是一个创新型的高级管理人才搜寻及发展的平台,旨在助力中国企业建设海外团队。格联沃最引以为傲的核心竞争力是发掘评估可靠的领导人才。