GLO – Wise Check Up


Welcome to the GLO Wise Check Up

Good Leaders Online is the online portal to connect good leaders for good business. One of the tools available to leaders who join GLO is the GLO Wise Check Up. The GLO Wise Check Up provides a summary self-assessment of a person’s behavior in relation to the six competencies of wise leadership. We are making this Check Up available as an introduction to the idea of using wisdom in leadership. This is a self assessment check for you to think more about the competencies of wisdom. Wise Leadership begins by knowing yourself and wisdom shapes good judgment, good decisions, and good acts.

Please be honest with yourself in answering the questions that follow. Each question will contribute to a score for each of the five competencies of Wise Leadership. We shall email a summary report to you once you have completed the Check Up. It will take you about 20 minutes to complete.

By submitting the information contained in the GLO Wise Leadership Check Up you give permission to Good Leaders Online (GLO) to process and use your data in helping you to manage the opportunities available through Good Leaders Online. Your data will be processed by Good Leaders Online (GLO) Ltd, Hong Kong and its affiliated offices worldwide. The company is registered in Hong Kong, number: 1886683

There are now six pages of questions (49 in all). Please check the response that you believe to be an honest reflection of your views. We shall email you a report which will give you a score based on your responses. Please note that the scores are a subjective reflection of our views about wise leadership and highest scores do not necessarily lie at the extremes.