GLO – Solutions for Good Leaders


Developing careers for responsible leaders

At GLO, you are not just a ‘virtual’ leader profile but an extraordinary individual we like to know and continue to develop to make a difference.


Offline Assessment

Build better self awareness and join a wise leadership assessment center

RLDP Participation

Join our four days responsible leadership development program in collaboration with an ivy league faculty


Join a Suited Monk Executive Coaching Program or get GLO C-Level Mentorship


As a registered leader member you can freely explore an extensive list of actions to develop your responsible career:
  • Develop your confidential GLO profile Build a unique profile focused on your vision, values and passion. Complete your bespoke online interview, build a graphic CV and connect with a select eight people as character referees.
  • Find and apply for good jobs Search good executive and C-level jobs and apply online.
  • Connect with good companies Review good company profiles, including a view on their work culture and show your interest to be placed in their strategic succession funnel.
  • Build a target employer funnel Save company profiles in your dedicated employer target list and gradually reach out to show your responsible leadership.
  • Connect with GLO executive search Contact the GLO team for a Skype interview and raise your profile.
  • Connect with GLO certified experts View profiles of our GLO certified HR experts including coaches and connect with team to explore developing your leadership skills further.
  • Take the wise leadership check-up Take the wise leadership online check-up and get feedback on five core ‘wisdom’ related competencies.


GLO – Solutions for Good Companies


Helping companies attract and retain leaders, not just employees


GLO Executive Search

Experience our unique approach to search assignments focused on finding responsible leaders who ensure quality decisions for your organization

GLO Strategic Leadership Funnel

Engage the GLO team to build a bespoke strategic leadership succession funnel

GLO Responsible Leadership Development

Develop your leaders’ competencies to thrive in our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world


Experience our qualitative, time and cost saving approach to leadership search and development:
  • List a job Build your own job ads using a dedicated member dashboard online. Change jobs at any time free of change within your selected membership package quota.
  • Build your company profile Advertise your unique values and team culture and be visible to responsible leaders that share your vision and would like to add value.
  • Find a good leader Search profiles of our leader members and make fast assessments based on graphic CV representation. Save precious time by reviewing a leader’s online interview and available wise leadership check-up info.
  • Build a function dedicated leadership funnel Tag leaders in you function dedicated strategic leadership funnel and build a succession plan for immediate contact when the need arises.
  • Manage your search Initiate an executive search or follow-up on open assignments via your company profile dashboard.
  • Connect with GLO certified experts Search and contact GLO’s pool of certified HR experts to assist coaching leadership and organizational development of you team.