The GLO Concept


GLO profiles, assesses and develops leaders who share a belief that integrity and the inclusion of the greater good of society in decision-making are vital to responsible leadership.

GLO connects responsible leaders to its member companies (who value having them on their teams) via the GLO portal and regular GLO community events focused on sharing thought leadership on responsibility, wisdom and competencies essential to 21st century ‘good’ leadership.

It is the first membership and community based leadership selection, assessment and coaching organization with a good purpose for sustainable business:

GLO’s leader profiles stand out with an emphasis on a leader’s vision, values and passion with a meaningful eight people referee network. GLO leaders are invited to make a pledge to lead with integrity and consider the common good of society when making decisions.

GLO is not a social network but a leadership community which highly respects the confidentiality of its registered leaders, yet enables face to face communication and meetings via GLO’s thought leadership series events.

Connecting good leaders to good businesses and bringing positive change to society at large in the process is GLO’s ultimate impact.

Any leader, HR expert or company worldwide can apply to join the GLO community but initial focus will be on building good leadership capacity for China.