GLO – The Difference


  • GLO is not a social network but the first member community based executive leadership search, assessment and development platform promoting the idea of GOOD – doing good work, leading with responsibility and integrity and looking out to serve the ‘common good’ of society at large
  • GLO invites ‘good’ leaders to stand out by making a moral pledge to lead with integrity and keep the larger ‘good’ of society in mind when making quality decisions for their organizations.
  • GLO’s leader profiles focus on values, passion and vision with a graphic representation of career development and competencies, including up to eight referees who have a meaningful relationship with the leader they know and are able to confirm a leader’s values, competencies and the unique difference he or she can make.
  • GLO connects good leaders via selection, assessment and coaching solutions to good member companies who believe in shared value creation and impact for their stakeholders and society at large as an intrinsic goal of business.
  • GLO collaborates with independent but GLO certified experts in leadership assessment, development and coaching to add value to the GLO community and assist the execution of its purpose.
  • GLO provides meaningful insights from recommended articles, survey reports through an opinion-sharing blog feature relevant to its members.
  • GLO invites its members to join monthly thought leadership meetings to discuss and share actions that can be taken to make a difference in 21st century leadership.
  • GLO’s main sector focus covers industries with impact on society and where integrity of leadership is a core attribute for success. These include life sciences, clean technologies and sustainable energies, services, finance and impact investment sectors. GLO also works with companies that have embedded corporate social responsibility programs in their business operations or who stand out with shared value creating projects.
  • In addition to serving their clients with integrity and excellence, the GLO team commits to spend a minimum of 10% of their time and resources to assist impact and philanthropic organizations as well as social entrepreneurs to recruit, assess and strengthen their teams