GLO – Frequently Asked Questions


GLO – Good Leaders Online – connects good leaders to good business.

GLO profiles, assesses and develops leaders who share a belief that integrity and the inclusion of the greater good of society in decision-making are vital to responsible leadership.

GLO connects responsible leaders to its member companies (who value having them on their teams) via the GLO portal and regular GLO community events focused on sharing thought leadership on responsibility, wisdom and competencies essential to 21st century ‘good’ leadership.   

It is the first membership and community based leadership selection, assessment and coaching organization with a good purpose for sustainable business:

GLO’s leader profiles stand out with an emphasis on a leader’s vision, values and passion with a meaningful eight people referee network. GLO leaders are invited to make a pledge to lead with integrity and consider the common good of society when making decisions.

GLO is not a social network but a leadership community which highly respects the confidentiality of its registered leaders, yet enables face to face communication and meetings via GLO’s thought leadership series events.

Connecting good leaders to good businesses and bringing positive change to society at large in the process is GLO’s ultimate impact.

Any leader, HR expert or company worldwide can apply to join the GLO community but initial focus will be on building good leadership capacity for China.


You want to stand out of the crowd by joining a select group of global leaders who pledge to lead with integrity and make decisions that create value for society at large, while reaching their organization’s objectives? Then join GLO!

GLO provides access to ‘good’ companies who equally believe in the power of value based leadership and share a vision that organizations carry responsibility for positive impact to society.

As a GLO member, you gain direct access to career opportunities or can be selected by our company members to join their strategic leadership funnel for future employment. Even as a passive leadership candidate, you can continue to show your leadership via an online assessment, completion of the GLO interview online or building connections to eight character referees. Each of these steps will progressively strengthen your profile.

Our GLO thought leadership series will also keep you informed about how your peers and our experts put wise leadership and shared value creation to practice.

All this is absolutely free! It only takes a moral commitment to lead with integrity and consider positive societal impact in management decisions in order to get acceptance in the GLO community.


As a GLO company member, you gain access to a dedicated pool of value based leaders who commit to lead with integrity and are passionate about their careers as they find purpose in their leadership.

Even if you do not find yet your targeted leaders on GLO today, our team can assist your search for candidates applying the GLO leadership assurance program and our bespoke research process to identify and assess responsible leaders.

As a GLO member, you can:

  • post your job(s) without hassle and change them at any time during the year
  • get free online assessments of candidates
  • develop a strategic leadership succession funnel with your dedicated GLO dashboard
  • advertise free your company’s CSR and shared value projects, reflecting your values and culture
  • join the GLO thought leadership series and share views on putting shared value and wisdom in leadership to practice
  • obtain discounts on GLO’s executive search and assessment solutions
  • get GLO’s support in outsourcing your resume research of social media
  • connect with a pool of GLO certified HR experts providing training, coaching and other organizational and leadership development solution

All online job posting, online assessment and strategic funnel solutions are available globally but offline GLO support for search, assessment and strategic funnel development is initially focused on leadership capacity building for China.


GLO is focused on identifying, assessing and developing responsible leaders who pledge to lead with integrity and commit to consider the larger good of society in their decision-making. This comprises both active and passive job seekers, as well as leaders who just want to stand out of the crowd and identify themselves with GLO’s vision, values and purpose.  


GLO collaborates with an exclusive and quality pool of independent professionals who share GLO’s vision, values and ‘good’ purpose

Our selected experts have a dedicated profile page online which is visible to all GLO users. Leaders and companies contact our experts directly for support. Once you are a member you can connect to all leaders and companies registered on GLO, as well as be contacted by them for specific support and projects.

GLO also invites ‘wise’ experts to assist on ad hoc basis any projects assigned by leaders and companies to GLO. If you share our vision, values and purpose and have distinct expertise which can add value the GLO community of good leaders and companies, we are glad to consider you to join our pool of expert talent.


Joining GLO as a ‘leader’ is absolutely free! GLO though always reviews a new member’s profile and may contact you for further info before we approve your membership.

Joining GLO as a leader is conditional to acceptance based on experience, values and your commitment to lead with integrity as well as to consider the common good of society in decisions to be made.

If a leader is interested to get more detailed feedback in addition to the score results of his/her online assessment or joins one of GLO’s half day assessment centers or the GLO wise leadership development program, we will charge these solutions as follows:

  • Online assessment feedback session: 90 USD
  • Half day ‘wise leadership’ assessment:380 USD

HR experts certified for admission to the GLO community will be asked to contribute 300 USD for a one year membership. This will include:

  • A HR expert profile page
  • Access to all leaders registered
  • Access to all companies registered
  • Invitations to GLO’s thought leadership series with discounted cost per session
  • Access to GLO’s insights survey reports


Premium community members will experience the following benefits:

□   Preferential leadership selection rates of 20% on total annual compensation versus regular 25%. As a example, the value of 15,000 RMB on a selection project of 300,000 RMB total annual compensation

□   Preferential leadership development workshop fees at 10% discount (value of 3,000 RMB per one day workshop)

□   The GLO competency guarantee: As a guarantee of its commitment to the seven core competencies assessed in a responsible leader, GLO offers clients a full repayment of paid fees in case a successful candidate needs to be terminated within six months after start of employment due to a serious shortcoming in one of these seven core competencies

□   A free standard year membership of Enfovia, our partner and top membership organization of Human Resources in China, organizing high-end HR events for thousands of HR from different industries)with access to 2 workshops and all online videos of HR summits and forums, online conference reports and power point presentations. Regular updates on HR news, laws and upcoming events.

□   Free access to GLO’s monthly Thought Leadership Series, a networking and content sharing forum on 21st century responsible leadership




Companies NOT based in China have the following options to join:

GET TO KNOW GLO – Simply create your free GLO account and build your company profile. You’ll be able to access GLO leader profiles and post a job opening for FREE for a 3-month period. As a bonus, you’ll also get a free online wise assessment of your team and candidates.

Additional plans will be made available in the near future. 


GLO is a community for all leaders across sectors who lead based on integrity and who seek purpose in life and career by creating positive impact to society via the decisions they make.

Although all industries and sectors should consider sustainability and positive societal impact as a core objective of their business operations, defining and creating this impact tends to be more obvious in life sciences, cleantech, services industries and social entrepreneurial ventures. With regards to the importance of integrity in leadership, it is obviously a prerequisite for all industries but arguably crucial in the finance sector.

Initially the GLO team will focus on these areas of life sciences, finance, cleantech and ventures with a social impact but will expand rapidly to assist other sectors.


The GLO online community is open for any leader, company and HR expert to join globally.

Initially though GLO will have its core team focused on China to deliver additional value to its community members with executive search, assessment and leadership development solutions, as well as regular offline events to share thought leadership.

As interest grows in other countries, GLO will either collaborate with dedicated partners or establish its own operations to serve its members there.


GLO takes confidentiality of especially its leader members seriously. Some of our members may be job seekers and others simply joining as they share the values and purpose of GLO and would like to stand out as a leader with integrity and interest to serve the greater good of society.

Others prefer to passively join and keep a lower profile. In any case, we provide our members the option to select a private or public profile and also the possibility to exclude certain companies from accessing their profile.

If a profile is set to private, the leader’s picture will not randomly show on the home page, if public your profile can be advertised to non registered users. In any case, only companies and HR experts (not other leaders, except the one linked via a leader’s 8 people referral network) can access a leader’s profile.


Peter Buytaert: CEO

Peter has more than 20 years of experience in change and cross cultural people management for both start-up and executive leadership in China and Asia at large, with a strong values-based approach to investment and entrepreneurship. 
Peter came to China in 2004 as President Agfa Graphics for the Asia region after prior executive assignments in Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and South Korea. He is also founder and CEO of China Global Leaders (CGL) Management Consulting a foreign SME China incubator which has provided strategy, startup and restructuring assistance to more than 30 SME and private equity portfolio company clients. 
He is a former advisor to the Belgian Minister of Foreign Trade and former Chairman of the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

Dr. Mike J Thompson: Director & Co-founder, Chief Architect Wise Leadership Assessment and Development programs 

Mike is Professor of Management Practice and Director of the Centre for Leadership and Responsibility at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai
He also serves as Director on the Board of ‘GoodBrand’, a UK based specialist international consultancy with 15 years of experience developing sustainability strategies that focus on creating shared value for many Fortune 500 companies.


You can send mail to:

Good Leaders Online (GLO ) Ltd, Room 1802, 8F Worldwide House,
19 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

Or send email to [email protected]

Our China address is:

Unit 01-02 1BF East Wing GC Tower
No. 1088 Yuanshen Road, Shanghai 200122

Telephone: +86 21 51785258


Please contact us and we will respond to you and consider for inclusion in the FAQ list when other GLO users raise similar questions.