John Storm

+86 136-4620-2148

Good natured team-player with experience in Entrepreneurship, Leadership Training and Strategic Planning in the China context. Prior to joining GLO, John supported the foundation of the Executive Education Department at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, where he was responsible for organising over 800 training activities with reputable companies such as AVIC, Bunge, Cargill, CRRC, Danieli, Essilor, ITW, Johnson & Johnson, MAKA, Samsung, and Sodexo. 
John has consulted for several early stage ventures, providing valuable experience in capital raising and developing marketing campaigns spanning 38 countries. In addition to his current role at GLO, John maintains 2 Director positions and is an Associate Facilitator for the Asia region with Tardis Consulting.

具有良好的团队合作精神,具有企业家精神,领导力培训和中国环境下的战略规划经验。 在加入GLO之前,John在西交利物浦大学的执行教育部门的基础上工作,在那里他负责与AVIC,Bunge,Cargill,CRRC,Danieli,EssilorI,TW,强生,MAKA,三星和索迪斯等知名公司合作组织了800多次培训活动。

约翰曾为几个早期阶段的企业提供咨询服务,为38个国家的资本筹集和开展营销活动提供了宝贵的经验。 除了他目前在GLO的职位,约翰保留两个理事职位,同时是Tardis Consulting亚洲区域的助理协调员。