Raf Adam

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Raf is the author of The Suited Monk and Suited Monk Leadership Co-Founder and Chief Wisdom Officer at Good Leaders Online (www.glo-china.com).

He spends most of his time speaking and teaching on the subject of authenticity in life and business at organizations such as CEIBS and TEDx. Prior to his current career as a speaker and coach, he worked for eight years in sales in an international shipping company.

Raf was born in Belgium and has been living in Asia for the past eight years. When he was 27 he experienced a spontaneous awakening which led him to his current career as an author, teacher and speaker specializing in corporate leadership. 

It was from his own experience and research that Raf created the Life Journey ® and GAP models which are completely unique in the coaching and personal growth sector.

His Suited Monk concept is based on the next generation of leadership development which is focused on self-knowledge, self-mastery and greater wisdom and compassion.

His articles have been published in Forbes India, The Economist Intelligence Unit and Korea Times.


•Advanced Corporate Coaching Certification WABC (480 hours)

•Corporate Coaching Masterclass Progress-U (40 hours)

•International Coach Association ICA (125 hours, ICF accredited)

•Guest speaker at CEIBS on Stress Management

 (China Europe International Business School)

•Book Author of ‘’The Suited Monk’’ and ‘’Suited Monk Leadership’’

Expertise / Services Provided

•  Executive Coaching

•  Suited Monk Leadership(self-awareness, purpose, integrity)

•  Authentic & Wise Leadership Seminars & Workshops

•  Keynote Speeches

Corporate Experience

• 14 years of international experience

• Work-related travel to over 15 countries

• Working experience in Europe and Asia (Hong Kong, China)

Raf’s coaching clients and workshop participants include: Medtronic, Mead Johnson, Philips, Alcatel-Lucent, Disney, Roquette, H&M, BASF, SKF, Panasonic, Shanghai United Family Hospital, British Council Guangzhou, IHG, Barco.

Personal Recommendations from his clients about his part work can be found on LinkedIn: http://cn.linkedin.com/in/rafadams/




根据自身的经验和研究结果,Raf创造了Life Journey ® 和GAP模型,这在教练术和个人发展领域都是独一无二的。



• 公司教练术高级证书(480小时)

• 公司教练术大师班进程(40小时)

• 国际教练组织(125小时国际教练组织认可)

• CEIBS客席演讲者(压力管理方向)(CEIBS中欧工商管理学院)



• 执行教练术

• 都市行者领导力培训(自我认知,目标,诚信)

• 真实明智领导力研讨会和讲习班

• 主题演讲


• 14年的跨国经验

• 到访过超过15个国家工作并旅行

• 在欧洲和亚洲有丰富的工作经验 (香港、中国)